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Technology Textiles @ Bideford College
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Technology Textiles @ Bideford College
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Technology Textiles @ Bideford College

Year 11 Coursework

For GCSE you will take part in a Design and Make Unit (Unit 2) alongside your theory Unit (Unit 1). The AQA specification can be found here AQA GCSE Specification. It features the mark scheme for your Unit 2 Coursework.

In order to help you complete your Textiles coursework we have produced this coursework booklet which contains much of the information you will need to complete your folder to a high standard. Please use it throughout the next year and tick off the pages you’ve completed, make notes in it, reminders to yourself of things you might include etc.

GCSE Coursework Guide – Download here

Use it alongside your own text book and the text books kept in the classroom. If you have any problems or there is anything you don’t understand – ASK! Bring your paper copy of the booklet to every lesson with your folder.

Below is a time table of dates by which you should complete each section of work. It is very important that you keep up to date, on average it means completing one A3 sheet per week. Good luck!

Practical Coursework Plan 201213

We have had many really successful students over the years and last year one of our students produced this brilliant coursework folder. She gained top marks for Unit 2 so flick through her folder to see how she managed to do it!

The AQA Exam board have provided us with the following coursework examples. Both folders acheived full marks – 90 out of 90! Flick through the pages to get an idea of what a complete folder could look like, the information they have provided and the things they have experimented.

Original Skirt Bag Project

If you are struggling to decide which design brief to choose for your project, you may find it helpful to look at this – Design Tasks and Products. It gives examples of products other students have made for each of the Design Briefs on offer.

The exam board have also provided us with this presentation – Meeting the Criteria – which focuses on the different sections within your coursework folder. It gives examples of coursework pages students have produced for the different sections along with the mark scheme for each section.

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